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I injured my nail many years ago. As the impact damaged the nail bed, the deformity was permanent. Early this year I began taking vLive regularly for my metabolic syndrome, not noticing it was also silently healing my nail. This is just wonderful. 

Daisy (female, aged 57). July 2020

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I took vLive hoping to improve my Cholesterol profile. The healing of my nail was an unexpected bonus. After seven to eight months of taking the vLive basic set, my blood cholesterol showed noticeable improvement. 

Daisy (female, aged 57). Sep 2020

Being a Grab driver, I had a major problem of sleepiness when driving even at the beginning of each day’s work.  I felt sluggish and had tried many things in my diet in order to feel more energized, but to no avail.  vLive helped me immensely!  On Day 1 after taking it, my sleepiness was gone!


I highly recommend vLive!  This was one of the best decisions I've ever made regarding my health.  The mysterious swollen and itchy afflictions on my face are also gone now!   Doctors gave me steroids as they couldn’t figure out what the problem was.  I won’t stop taking vLive for the rest of my life as I really feel good physically and emotionally after getting this nutrition into my body.  vLive is a wonderful investment in my health.  I am so thankful I found this product. 


- Tim (male, aged 55). 22 Feb 2020

When I first started vLive, I was very frustrated and discouraged with my attempts to get rid of my knee pain and swollen condition due to a full meniscus tear.  Western doctors could only give me painkillers and anti-inflammatory meds and TCM sold me massage and Ai Jiu packages but nothing helped.   I have to admit I was very sceptical that nutrition could be the answer when I first started taking vLive in April 2019.  But beggars could not be choosers and I had already exhausted all means to get better.   As the weeks went by and I began to feel better and noticed the knee pain going away, I was exhilarated that I have indeed found a solution for my knee!  Indeed I was so glad not to heed the specialist’s advice for a knee replacement.  Till today, my knee is pain-free and not ever swollen again.  I could have my normal lifestyle in which walking is a big part.


There are many things that I love about vLive – First I look forward to drinking it every morning as it is delicious. I have learned to be mindful to take it empty stomach for maximum effect. After a few months, I also found that my ‘bad’ total LDL cholesterol has dropped from 3.7 to 3.0. 


- Jen (female, aged 59). 15 Mar 2020

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I started taking vLive in April 2019.  At that time, I couldn’t make a closed fist with my hands due to stiff finger joints, likely due to arthritis.  Months later, my hands can now form closed fists!  This has meant so much to me as it used to be so difficult to hold things or to do housework.  This is an amazing result to me.

I also used to have trouble standing up or sitting down unless there was support.  My physical energy was so poor and I got tired often.  Now I can even squat down without support.  Another health improvement is in my eyesight.  I used to be quite blind but now I can read my handphone texts and supermarket prices.

- Hing (female, aged 65). 13 Feb 2020

My lower back had chronic pain due to degeneration.  The injury of my left arm and leg in Feb 2019 exacerbated the pain.  I came to be taking vLive on 9/10/2019 because of a gift from a friend.  To my pleasant surprise, after a few weeks of vLive, the pain eased for my back and arm.  I could turn in bed without pain and difficulty! 


vLive also seems to be doing something good for my cholesterol which had been on the rise over the years.  Nearly 4 months after taking vLive, blood test results show my LDL-c has decreased for the first time – from 3.9 to 3.6. 

- Sue (female, aged 62). 11 Jan 2020

If you seriously want to lose weight, and keep it off, then I highly recommend that you try vLive.   I have lost substantial kgs and I have kept it off.  I could not have done it without vLive!

With my gastric trouble, I need to eat frequent meals and each including some carbs.  Hence I was always heavy. With my leg pain as well, I walked with an umbrella as a walking stick for a long time.   I started vLive on 23/4/2019 and unconsciously got better and better in weight and shape over time.  The compliments from my friends made me realise I looked different, and I slowly realised that vLive had been working for me.  Today, not only did I have a healthy BMI of 23.5, I am also delighted to see that my blood glucose has dropped from 6.8 (May) to 6.4 (Nov).  For a while now, I also don’t need to walk with my umbrella walking stick anymore.  It’s like becoming a new person over these months, and my friends also said the same about me.


- Meng (female, aged 70). 26 Nov 2019