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How vLive restores energy

The average human body has about 37 trillion cells. In the image above an example cell with a mitochondria is blown up to reveal its inside. These are our biological power units or what we call them here as bio-batteries. A cell can easily have more than a thousand of them, especially muscle cells which need lots of energy. Individually they are really small, measuring no more than one millionth of a meter in diameter and about seven millionth of a meter long. Inside each of these mitochondria or bio-batteries, fast energy ATP molecules which provide the cells instantaneous energy are being made. VLive product v-Oxy+ powerfully enables these bio-batteries. 

Can you spot the Cristae in the image of the mitochondria? These are the folds in the inner membrane. Here fast energy ATP molecules are produced. An indispensable molecule called CoQ10 is a key actor in the cast of many molecular players. Here is where the relationship between fast energy ATP and CoQ10 is established with vLive v-Oxy+. CoQ10 is a key ingredient in each satchet of v-Oxy+, along with many other supporting nutrients in a proprietary mixture. How the ingredients are put together is what makes v-Oxy+ truly special.

The image above shows what is happening on the inner membrane of our bio-battery or mitochondria. A CoQ10 molecule is spotted carrying an electron between complexes. Without laboring readers with the complex details, this is a key step which leads to the making of fast energy ATPs many steps later. 

CoQ10 made by the body and supplemented by v-Oxy+ acts in a multi-step manner on glucose and oxygen to make fast energy ATP molecules. In a highly complex choreography, many additional molecular actors also participate. It is not necessary for us to name them, but we must point out that many of them are also enhanced by the other nutrients in a special mix in each v-Oxy+ satchet. 

An additional molecular actor deserves special mention: Nitric Oxide or chemically represented as NO (looks like a big No). NO is a key actor. Its role is to regulate the amount of fast energy ATP produced. A high concentration of NO molecules inhibits oxygen from participating in making fast energy ATP molecules. V-Oxy+'s CoQ10 and its specially mixed nutrients do something unusual. They have found a way to chase away the NOs. With much fewer NOs present, many more oxygen molecules are used to produce fast energy ATPs. 

The NOs which are sidelined must temporarily go somewhere. Some of them show up in the extensive network of blood capillaries just underneath the skin. We know because NOs dilate these capillaries leading to increased blood flow beyond what is normal. Consequently the skin turns red, usually in the ears, face and neck. Expect this to happen in a matter of minutes after consuming v-Oxy+, and fade away in about half an hour.

CoQ10 is not unique. As pointed out earlier it is made in our bodies as well but its production declines with age. Other nutritional supplements also offer CoQ10 but they do not know how to produce the synergy with other natural nutrients to efficiently make it available to our cells. By making CoQ10 with supporting nutrients highly available to our cells so they can make fast energy ATPs, v-Oxy+ is good at putting back the energy which with age we are gradually losing. This is absolutely vital. All our biochemical processes which enable life and health need fast energy ATPs.