In our science page we explain how vLive is unlike other nutritional supplements. Within 10 minutes of consuming v-Oxy+ the skin turns red. Here are the 9 possible healing responses one can expect. It shows vLive works. Note that these physical effects only last at most half an hour. 

1. If the ears turn red minutes after taking v-Oxy+ this suggest you are suffering from low energy. 

2. If you experience a tingling sensation, which feels like ants crawling on your skin, this suggest you might have a cholesterol issue. 

3. Tummy discomfort or slight pain which will go away in minutes. There are certain stomach related issues. 

4. If you are nursing injuries in any joint, they might turn red. It is just the healing process beginning. 

5. Body turning red and warm. You blood circulation is enhanced. 

6. If you experience itchiness, the body needs detoxification. 

7. If the body is too acidic, you could experience temporary sleepiness. 

8. For people with heart issues, their heart rate will increase slightly. 

9. The commonest response is the body's temperature is slightly elevated. It is moving towards an optimal temperature for you.