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What is vLive?
vLive is a nutritional supplement unlike any you have come across. No other product tells you minutes later after consuming that it is beginning to work. Signs on your body provides a rough first cut diagnosis of underlying health conditions you might have (Check them out here). Want to know the science behind it? We have attempted to try to explain that as well. See our Science page.
Is vLive the Best?

When you consume vLive v-Oxy+, unlike other products, within minutes your body will react with possibly one or several ways to suggest that you might have some of the following underlying issues.
1.    Lack of energy
2.    High cholesterol
3.    Stomach issues
4.    Injured joints
5.    Blood circulation issues
6.    Body toxins
7.    ‘Acidic’ body
8.    Cardiovascular issues
9.    Metabolic issues

Which competing product has such performance? We can give you a first cut diagnosis of these metabolic health issues. The mere minutes it take for your body respond to v-Oxy+, we prove how quick and bio-available our products are to support your healing and restoration needs. 

We can also explain scientifically how we achieve this using the example of ‘lack of energy’ healing response as well. 

Clearly, vLive is the superior product.  What other nutritional supplements do, we believe can do better. 
Unlike pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements do many things for you by taking a whole of body approach to health and wellbeing. For the moment, our attention is focused on COVID-19. We spend all our waking moments thinking about it. Here is vLive contribution to that.
vLive Today: Arming against COVID-19

Power to your immune system, our last line of defence against viruses.


VLive is a proprietary package of nutrients based on sound science which will strengthen our immune system against the bacteria and viruses which enter our bodies. Sars-CoV-2 virus which causes COVID-19 has become a disease of pandemic proportions. We must seek to contain and failing that mitigate the impact of this virus on us. Good governments employ "Flatten  the Curve" strategy to save as many as possible, but if Sars-CoV-2 enter our bodies, we want to make sure we have the strongest possible immune system against it. We want to minimize our risk of suffering a cytokine storm which is what typically kills the COVID-19 sufferer. VLive can help.


On average about 20% of COVID-19 sufferers would be admitted to hospital. Among them, some will face the cytokine storm trial of life and death. They will fight this in ICU. The data shows irreversible complications from a cytokine storm kill many COVID-19 patients with underlying health conditions. Healthy sufferers might get away with permanent lung damage. View the clip below to quickly understand what a cytokine storm is. 

For a person infected with COVID-19, the commonest underlying health conditions with mortal risks are cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and hypertension. As at March 15, 2020 their morbidities are:

1. Cardiovascular disease: 11%
2. Diabetes: 8%
3. Hypertension: 6%

This means that a healthy person is more than 6 to 11 times less likely to die from CVOID-19.

Despite many years of research, we do not know much about cytokine storms. A scientific conjecture is that for a body which is suffering from chronic inflammation, its immune system tends to overreact to a novel pathogen. And the Sars-CoV-2 virus is indeed novel. As a matter of fact, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and hypertension also have inflammation as their etiology. 

The primary cause of inflammation in the body is damage by free radicals. These are very reactive biochemicals that are naturally produced in our bodies. We accumulate them with age. Each free radical molecule will attack any good biochemical molecule we want to keep or any part of a cell. Even the DNA in a cell nucleus can be reached and damaged by free radicals.

The population of reactive free radicals explodes whenever a person lives a lifestyle which causes his metabolism to produce more of them. Imagine his mitochondrion (see video below) always over working and producing massive amounts of free radicals. His body is not able to produce enough antioxidants. If he also consumes insufficient antioxidant-rich foods, he is not able to neutralize enough free radicals. Over time, these free radicals add up to a critical mass leading to chronic inflammation. Eventually, it shows up as hypertension, diabetes and/or cardiovascular disease. 

If you are infected with COVID-19,  you definitely hope to have a body that is free of underlying chronic inflammation. A current sufferer of cardiovascular disease, diabetes or hypertension would logically want to do something about chronic inflammation as soon as possible. Get help from the fast-acting vLive with its proprietary mix of antioxidant nutrients and energy boost. Relying solely on switching to a healthier diet now is too slow and might not even work. 


 If you are not infected with COVID-19, would you like to stay healthy and feel that you do not age? VLive can help you do that. Like most people, you likely live in an urban setting with bad air, fast foods, lack of exercise, insufficient sleep and too much stress. This is an environment which constantly bathes your body with far too many free radicals. They make your cells look and act older before their time! To illustrate, a cell membrane which lasts 21 days now lasts only 14 days, and during the final 7 days is only partially functioning. Such cells do not carry out their biochemical reactions optimally. What if it is not the cell membrane, but the DNA in the nucleus which is impaired? If this continues for years, its physiological effects will become apparent. Eventually you will develop the metabolic syndrome or worse, cancer. When you are thirty, you might have a body that is physiologically forty. What if God forbid, malignant tumours develop, which is typically a disease of older people? You will understand first-hand why so many young people are developing cancers these days. These diseases are preventable, and with cancer, we can reduce its probability. You only need to help the body get rid of free radicals better. You will feel young and keep your energy level longer. 

vLive and Oxidative Stress (OS)

Years before COVID-19, prior to the onset of hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, already free radicals run amok unnoticed in the body for many years. Doctors call this condition oxidative stress (OS). The body’s biochemistry and cells are stressed from physiological imbalance and cellular damage arising from three factors: (1) habit of not eating properly (2) lifestyle which lacks sleep, too much work stress, smoking, alcohol, exposure to environmental pollution etc (3) growing in age.

If you have the above 3 factors, you will suffer OS. The body naturally tries to restore physiological balance, repair cells or regenerate new ones. It is constantly trying to prevent OS from taking hold. 

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The very young might not suffer from OS because age is on their side (factor 3). But if they live like they are invincible, and have factors 1 and 2, they will eventually have all three in time. OS will appear as a hidden crouching tiger, gradually creeping towards each of you. Chronic disease is when this tiger finally pounces and bites you hard. Dropping the metaphor, it could mean the sad revelation from regular blood works that you have diabetes. God forbid, it might show up as cancer instead.

Older people have factor 3 against them. That is why many of them suffer from OS. For too long, factors 1 and 2 are simply waiting for factor 3 to be bad enough. It’s a matter of time, right? Together they become enough for OS, and in time chronic diseases.

Here is a list of the most common chronic illnesses from long years of undetected OS:

  1. cancer

  2. Alzheimer’s disease

  3. Parkinson’s disease

  4. diabetes

  5. cardiovascular conditions such as high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, and stroke

  6. inflammatory disorders

  7. chronic fatigue syndrome

  8. asthma

  9. male infertility

  10. (possibly) anxiety and depression

Clearly, if we can alleviate OS, we remove the fuel which produces chronic illnesses. VLive proprietary formulation of antioxidants based on its unusual knowledge of biochemistry, is the perfect solution for combating all OS-related health issues. It efficiently addresses factor 1. 

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